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I will buy tusks of a mammoth
Entertaining at first sight the announcement, never you will think, that it not draw, and most that on there is a usual announcement. So for what and to whom tusks of a mammoth are necessary?
In far 80 practically to all who worked in the north - on chisel or in geological expeditions, often there were bones and tusks for a long time the died out mammoths. They there did not surprise anybody, and were not appreciated especially. But there were people, whose works from a tusk of a mammoth made the big impression. The artists who have mastered technology of a carving on a bone, cut out original figurines and souvenirs. At use of technics time of creation of products was reduced, completely manual way would be and not so it is beautiful, and long. For example figurines are made of an integral piece of a tusk and put on supports from a tree or a stone, difficult elements are cut out separately and inserted on pins.

Than mammoths smell?

The tape sandpaper and drill, strange files, fret saws - the adaptations reminding tools of the stomatologist, and actually such work jewellers. Atmosphere in a workshop of the artist-kostoreza very original. The whitish dust and a smell of a burnt bone not very much like rare visitors. The cut of a tusk of a mammoth has the original structure similar to a grid with sharp corners. And a smell at each tusk especial, on what not the similar. Some smell as silt - probably laid in water or in a bog. By the way, from where there were tusks, in what soil, their colour depends also. If in layers containing coal or peat - inside there is a reddish shade. If the tusk long laid on a surface under the influence of an atmospheric precipitation, a wind and sand it crackled, adverse conditions transform a strong material into limestone. In ices or in a permafrost tusks remain is better. Such usually with brown, as at a birch mushroom mushroom, a bark, and inside almost white what were during lifetime of an animal. Such tusks are appreciated above all.

Tusks on our century will suffice

On a question: "And where you take tusks of a mammoth, after all it all the same a unique material?" Any master says, that in Siberia and regions of the Far North constantly find traces of dwelling of mammoths. And there it is a lot of tusks. And it is valid, they indeed underfoot lay. Couple of years back builders of a new federal automobile line which should connect Khakassia and the Kemerovo area, at an embankment construction have unexpectedly found out a skeleton of a mammoth. Remains of mammoths also find in territory of coal cuts, from showered coast stored many millenia tusks periodically open. Masters say, that yet do not face a problem of shortage of raw materials. One tusk on the average suffices for the whole year of fruitful creativity.


Many masters say, that do not make preliminary sketches of the works, it undertakes simple a piece of a tusk and is considered. The image of the future product is born in a head, and skilful hands embody it. Figurines and figures from a tusk of a mammoth are much more pleasant for holding in hands, than products from plastic or a stone. To the touch they warm, as if the live. Such products are bought in a gift to close or business partners more often.
Except a tusk the canine of a walrus and a tooth of a cachalot, - last now very valuable material is still used, it practically not to get. During Soviet times there was a whaling flotilla by the White sea, and a teeth of a cachalot there laid in the tons, everyone at length nearby 80 see Now on a whale do not hunt, and walrus canines can be got only in the Far East.


At first nobody believes, that the figurine is cut out from a natural tusk of a mammoth. So happens that people about them do not know anything. "But after all mammoths have died out a little thousand years ago", - other visitor of an art exhibition will exclaim. To skeletons of dinosaurs in museums we are not surprised, and a figure from a tusk of a mammoth very much even.
The craft of a carving from a tusk of a mammoth in Russia exists very much for a long time. There are even historically developed five schools of a carving with the technicians and the dynasties. In XVII century many prosperous people in Moscow aspired to get canines of a walrus and tusks of a mammoth as a special sort of values, and products from them were perceived as luxury goods for the house. Probably, from now on the oral tradition of bylinas included descriptions of furniture of the ships and houses where there are subjects from a bone. Their functionality was feature of Russian bone subjects. The majority of products had practical application, and only insignificant part served only for a life ornament.
Almost all products from a tusk of a mammoth in territory of Russia concern a category national property, therefore their acquisition is not only a financial investment...
The tusk of a mammoth also is considered one of the strongest magic and power materials. Of it from an extreme antiquity make talismans, the amulets symbolising a powerful link of times. Properties of such products amplify at donation and transition by right of succession.

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