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Home » News » Russian Opens Spice Museum at Thai Resort

Date: 04 June 2012

Russian Opens Spice Museum at Thai Resort

A museum of Asian spices, founded by Russian businessman Maxim Kosikhin, opened on Wednesday in Pattaya, a popular resort town in Thailand.

The unique Asian Spicy Garden, which occupies some 5,000 square meters, includes a museum of spices and a botanical garden featuring some 200 plant species.

“Many spices originate in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand. Many tourists come across spices in Thai cuisine or cosmetology. I think they will be interested in this issue,” Kosikhin said adding that it took him two years to carry out the project.

In the recent years Pattaya has attracted many Russian tourists and investors. The resort runs five Russian-language TV channels and two radio stations.

Source: RIA Novosti


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