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Mammoth ivory items are worthy to be gifted
 Mammoth tusk is the unique, unrivaled material among the others. It is harder than elephant ivory and, above all, inimitable in its color range. When buried underground for thousands of years, the tusks had been gradually mineralized to be colored in various shades – from pink-pale to bluish-violet. The most valuable is naturally darkened material – naturally stained ivory. Hundreds of years had past for mammoth tusks to become streaked and impregnated in many colors as they were saturated with water and absorbed minerals.

Mammoth had appeared on the Earth about 150 thousand years ago. They were the only wooly Proboscidea as in contrast to relative elephants inhabited the severe climate areas. Their huge tusks (the biggest one belonging to Proboscidea) were sharply curved and most likely were used as a kind of plough to unsnow feed in wintertime. Mammoth inhabited all the Europe, Northern Asia and Northern America, however at the end of Pleistocene glaciation, that is about 10 thousand years ago, became extinct. The reason considered to be deglaciation resulted in change of mammoth habitat as tundra-steppe with hard frozen earth abound in grassy vegetation turned into water-logged forests and forest-tundra.

R ussia acquires the world-large amounts of fossil mammoth tusks – over 500 thousand tons. The mammoth remains occur mainly in uninhabited places such as islands accessible only by helicopter, and in tundra with no sign of life for many kilometers around. The most known for such places is Yakutia, where they collect about 15 tons of the valuable material a year. To add, the tusks may range up to 2 meters in diameter and weigh up to 120 kg.

In Russia, in Peter the First time, mammoth tusks were delivered in hundreds of poods from Yakutia to Moscow. They were used to carve chandeliers, candlesticks, door-handles, boxes, bracelets. The tsar himself studied bone-carving in Nartov’s workshop, where the first machine-tools were developed. And in Catherine II bone-carvers were paid even more than jewelers.

 Having the unrivaled coloration the mammoth ivory long since has been used to produce expensive sculptures, compositions and statuettes, and also cups, chess set, backgammon and home interior decor things. Even gun-makers used it as incrusting matter.

Up to now the bone is carved only by hand and therefore bone ornaments considered to be the author’s work of art. Items made of mammoth ivory continue to be admired and may be a wonderful unique gift ever increasing in value.

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