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Landscape and the spectator
What is the landscape (french. "paysage" - district)? Simply beautiful picture? The landscape is an image of any district, in which basis environment - the nature, rural, city, sea kinds, architecture, kinds of mountains, fields, woods, the rivers and lakes. Picture creation in Russian landscape painting was always allocated against the fine arts.  A constant orientation of the person to the nature, love to beauty of the world surrounding us became the engine of Russian landscape painting. Landscapes of Russian artists described native vicinities with lowlands reaching under the high sky at all times year. Russian artists prefer landscapes of Russia which beautiful kinds always bewitch the person.
In a landscape, especially oil, the artist tries to display, embody surrounding district: mountains, the sea, plains with vegetation growing on them.
Landscape oil in which brightness and juiciness of paints the artist skilfully reflects natural shades, imposing a paint that is thin and is careful, rich dabs, splashing out all this beauty on a cloth, gives rise to sensation of freshness of space and builds a special emotional spirit at which the spectator feels beauty of the nature and tests pleasure. In Russian painting clearness of a composition, scale and simplicity are usually peculiar to a landscape. The main thought of landscape painting - reflexion of open space of the nature, her greatness, epic calmness and visual sensation of beauty. Many masters choose motives of a summer landscape when the nature is in the blossomed condition when in a current of short time light varies, the sun that will hide behind the dense clouds is majestic soaring in the high sky it will escape on freedom, having spilt on the earth a gold stream of light - all polychromy of a picture unites a running shade from a cloud. In the distance the wheaten field which has turned yellow in August surrounded with bright greens of a grass, easy a smoke has covered horizon, the distant and near plan as though unite in uniform space.
Much like pictures with an autumn landscape. "An autumn time - eyes charm"... Paints of autumn are always rich and unique in the abundance - trees throw off the foliage which has turned yellow for a summer, wet wood after a rain blackens naked branches, a summer warm wind during a decline against gold of autumn leaves. Very picturesque plot especially favourite by many masters of painting - a rural landscape with shabby houses and straw roofs, with old church, with the lop-sided fences and shelters for cattle.
Sea landscapes involve with the boundless open spaces, landscapes with volume transparent sea waves and raging foam at coast in the storming storm sea where the gusty wind breaks sails from the ships are especially beautiful and dramatic. Sea landscapes leave nobody indifferent: here the sea storms, the storm breaks sails at the small ship, or a decline on the sea with easy transparent waves after a breeze.
Today to a landscape give sometimes a supporting role in relation to a picture plot. However during our restless time of crisis of mutual relations of the person and the nature, time of search of rapprochement with environment landscape art appears frequently as the wise teacher. In ancient products, in the best pictures of the present the landscape shows, as the nature enters into human consciousness, becoming a symbol, lyrical meditation or the disturbing prevention. The beautiful landscape gives us comfort and pleasure.

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