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Gift for March, 8th
On March, 8th in Russia the International Women's day is traditionally celebrated. This holiday has been entered as official into the first years of the Soviet power, and in 1965 became a day off. In general, in Russia this day is celebrated since 1913.
In Ancient Rome there was a holiday of freely born women - a women's day in which women received gifts from the husbands, have been surrounded by love and attention. Women-slaves this day too received gifts - the mistress of the house allowed slaves to have a rest this day.
According to the tradition which have developed in Russia, each woman waits a gift by March, 8th from the man. In labour collectives there was an original exchange of gifts for March, 8th and for February, 23rd. In families of mum, sister and the grandmother receive as a gift for March, 8th flowers and washed ware.
However recently the Russian men all approach to a problem of a choice of a gift to beloveds for March, 8th more carefully. For a long time already it is considered banal a standard gift in the form of a bouquet of roses and a bottle of perfume is "not comme il faut". Modern women are worthy more sensitive relation and really original gifts.

The gift to the woman depends on that, as far as close relations. Undoubtedly the gift together with packing should symbolise feelings to this person. As to express the feelings?
The Basket with roses "can become an original gift, for example, cut out of a bone". Such gift it will be equally good to be looked and on a female toilet little table and in an office of the business lady. The original carved framework from a bone for a photo into which it is possible to insert a joint photo in advance becomes a beautiful and remembered gift.
To the beloved, certainly, it is necessary to give ornaments. The carved brooch from a tusk of a mammoth or unique female set from a necklace and earrings which is cut out by the skilful master from a tusk of a mammoth and amber becomes an unusual gift. You can pick up exclusive female ornaments in our catalogue.

Each woman in the world is necessarily looked in a mirror, she needs to keep up the beauty. Each woman has ornaments, perfume and other tools of seduction. So present favourite a small beautiful pocket mirror with painted enamel which will be located in her handbag, or a set from a bottle of perfume and a box for jewelry "Radunitsa". In our catalogue of enamel it is possible to pick up a beautiful and unique gift to any woman for all tastes.

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