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Art Basel 2008  Articles
The Art Newspaper tv crew visit Basel 39 and bring you some of the highlights of the 2008 fair.
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Exhibition Elite Life - 2008  Expo
Company "Art-Holding" at exhibition Elite Life - 2008
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Gifts Expo. Spring 2008  Expo
"Art-Holding" participated in the "Gifts-Expo. Spring 2008"
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For the most dear  Mass-media about us
"For the most dear" in magazine "Sweet home" 5 for 2007
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Origin of finift  Articles
Finift is the ancient synonym of the art of painting in glass, the term being used in ancient Greece, Byzantium and Russia to all types of enamels. It is a special glass composition multi-colored by metal oxides. At all times enamelling was used to ornament items of gold, silver and copper. Dated ...
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Folk Wood Carving Arts  Articles
A wood carver had no way but work in close touch with wood resources of the country to perfect the technique. From ordinary timbering, there have grown and developed more complicated kinds of wood processing such as carpentry, carving, and turning.
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Filigree art of Indian jewelers  Articles
Filigree silver items in the 16th-17th centuries were ordered mainly by such colonial sea powers as Portugal and Spain where the technique had been well-known.
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Filigree art of Chinese jewelers  Articles
Filigree art had been worked in China from antiquity and was widely spread on the Celestial territory till the end of Mongolian Yuan dynasty governing (1279 1368).
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Filigree art  Articles
But among other jewelery techniques one stays apart, when metal stuff is drawn into finer wire. One gram of metal is considered to be enough to get up to several hundreds meters of wire. The wire is further forge rolled (that is drawn through a board with varied apertures), twisted, flatted, cut and...
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History of Russian bone carving art  Articles
In Russia four places are most remarkable for bone carving tradition: Kholmogory and Lomonosovo villages in Arkangelsk region, Tobolsk in Tyumen region, Uelen settlement in Chukotka and Yakutsk in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
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Displaying 11 to 20 (of 21 articles) Result Pages:  Page 2 from 3  

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