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«I will buy tusks of a mammoth …»  Articles
At first nobody believes, that the figurine is cut out from a natural tusk of a mammoth. So happens that people about them do not know anything. "But after all mammoths have died out a little thousand years ago" - other visitor of an art exhibition will exclaim. To skeletons of dinosaurs i...
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Gift for March, 8th  Articles
On March, 8th in Russia the International Women's day is traditionally celebrated. For a long time already it is considered banal a standard gift in the form of a bouquet of roses and a bottle of perfume. Modern women are worthy more sensitive relation and really original gifts. What to present to t...
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Landscape and the spectator  Articles
What is the landscape (french. "paysage" - district)? Simply beautiful picture?
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XII Oldtimer–Gallery  Expo
Company "Art holding" takes part in 12th exhibition Iliya Sorokin's "Oldtajmer-gallery".
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Expo "PIR. The hospitality industry"  Expo
Company "Art-Holding" at XI International expo of hotel and restaurant business "PIR. The hospitality industry"
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Gifts Expo. Autumn 2008  Expo
"Art-Holding" participated in the "Gifts-Expo. Autumn 2008"
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Magazine Holiday Bazaar for September, 2008  Mass-media about us
Linen products from company "Art holding"; Products from the Imperial tree; Technologies of personification of business souvenirs and gifts.
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Carving art on a bone  Articles
Art processing of a bone again gains in strength, causing huge interest at collectors and simply provided people
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Mineral investments  Mass-media about us
Magazine "D`" publishing group "Expert" ¹15 (54) on August, 11th, 2008
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Primitive beauty  Mass-media about us
Magazine "Sweet home" ¹3 for 2008
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Displaying 1 to 10 (of 21 articles) Result Pages: Page 1 from 3  

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