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Antiques (an armour. anticuus "old") - a category of the ancient things having considerable value. As a whole, it is old, rare works of art or other valuable things which are objects of a collecting and trade. Except private collectors antiquarian subjects with historical attributes inherent in them often are of interest for the state.
The thing can be ranked as a category of antiques in the presence of following signs (as the importance): age not less than 50 years (thus unique things between 1915 and 1950 years, for example the Soviet epoch, can be ranked to vintage); accessory to curiosities (i.e. a rarity or uniqueness of a thing); seriality (or its absence is faster); coherence with a historical epoch or with historical events (i.e. how much the thing reflects the epoch); impossibility of reproduction (or its difficulty); art, historical, a cultural value; material assets (a paper, jewels, gold, a tree etc., etc.).
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